Scary Hippopotamus Books is proud to make electronic copies of all of its books available to reviewers at no cost, either through InstaFreebie or by contacting us directly.

Get free review copy of Wreathed Wreathed is a contemporary new-adult romance set in New Jersey, particularly the beach resort of Cape May. Wreathed is a story about love, death, and the perfect beach house.
Get free review copy of Rain on Your Wedding Day RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is a contemporary romance set in the Appalachian foothills north of Atlanta. Will Morse lost three of his four children to disease, accident, and suicide. After the death of his youngest daughter Trixie, Will leaves Atlanta for self-imposed exile in a mountain cabin outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Will’s routine is broken when his surviving daughter, Alicia, arrives at his cabin over Christmas to inform Will that she is getting married.
Get free review copy of Lies I Have Told LIES I HAVE TOLD is a somewhat disreputable short story collection.

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