This is the home page of Scary Hippopotamus Books, the most successful micropublisher in the history of Trenton, New Jersey. Scary Hippopotamus Books was founded in 2013 to promote the works of Curtis Edmonds, a talented author whose works were not, well, ever going to ever be published any other way. Since 2013, we have published five books, all of which are available on to delight, inform, and entertain you.

Our newest book, IF MY NAME WAS AMANDA, comes out on July 4th! This adorable rhyming alphabet book, featuring illustrations by talented English artist Mat Sadler, takes its main character on an alphabetical trip through America from Atlanta to Zanesville.
Our first book, RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, was published in February 2013 to great critical acclaim. After a free promotion, RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY made the Amazon free bestseller list, reaching the #1 spot in women’s fiction. Since then, RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY has earned more than 60 five-star reviews on Amazon and a B.R.A.G. Medallion.
RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is the story of Will Morse, a former NFL player and Coca-Cola executive who loses three of his four children to disease, accident, and suicide. After the death of his youngest daughter Trixie, Will leaves Atlanta for self-imposed exile in a mountain cabin outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Will’s routine is broken when his surviving daughter, Alicia, arrives at his cabin over Christmas to inform Will that she is getting married. Will attempts to secure a date for the wedding, and manages to fall into an unlikely friendship that could blossom into an equally unlikely romance. But a startling revelation causes Will to break things off with his new love, and he arrives at the wedding in New Jersey filled with doubts, fears, and anxieties. Can Will find the strength to guide his daughter down the aisle–and the power to forgive himself and others?
In November 2014, we released our second book, WREATHED, a contemporary romance by Curtis Edmonds. WREATHED is a story about love, death, and the perfect beach house. WREATHED has also earned a B.R.A.G. Medallion. WREATHED is the story of Wendy Jarrett, a lonely and hard-drinking attorney stuck in a boring job in a nondescript office building in Morristown, New Jersey. When Wendy’s mother drags her down to Cape May, New Jersey, for the funeral of a stranger, Wendy is deeply unhappy and seeking the consolation of a bottle of Chardonnay. But at the funeral, she meets Adam, nephew of the deceased, and feels an instant attraction for him. But her affection is tested when Wendy learns that her mother has inherited the dead man’s estate–including a large, ugly pink house near the beach at Cape May. When Adam sues Wendy’s mother to contest the will, Wendy is forced to stop seeing Adam. Wendy finds that there’s something not quite right about the whole situation… and that the secret may be lurking inside the supposedly empty beach house.
On April 1, 2015, we release LIES I HAVE TOLD, a short story collection by Curtis Edmonds. Since 2008, Curtis Edmonds has been writing and submitting short fiction to sites like McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Although many of the pieces he has submitted have been published, many more have been rejected. All of these rejected pieces (including a couple that weren’t) are collected in LIES I HAVE TOLD. Most of them are funny. A couple are thought-provoking. All of them can be yours for 99 cents. Maybe even less, because Amazon lets you set free days. So think about it!
Our fourth book, DESIGN FOR HAPPINESS, was written by Dr. W.V. Myres in 1961 and published by Broadman Press.
DESIGN FOR HAPPINESS is a series of devotions on the Sermon on the Mount, presented from the viewpoint of psychology. Dr. Myres believed that Jesus was more than just a great teacher or a mighty Savior; he was also a master psychologist with superior insight into the human mind. Scary Hippopotamus Books re-published DESIGN FOR HAPPINESS in 2014 in electronic format, believing that the insights of the book were timeless in nature.

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